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About Us

Give your taste buds a treat at Cookie Tray! Since 2010 we’ve been keeping the Hudson Valley well-fed and happy with our scrumptious baked goods. 


Baking in my mom's kitchen taught me the importance of baking up family recipes and passing them down to future generations. Today, delicious sweet treats are baking up each and every day in our kitchen with that same family recipe.  Our dedicated baking team is committed to ...




with the most delicious and beautiful sweet treats. Cookie Tray's gourmet cookies, cupcakes, and baked goods are baked with the highest quality, all natural ingredients from family recipes.


Whether you are ordering via email or over the phone, everyone at Cookie Tray is committed to making your sweet treat experience a friendly, fabulous, and most importantly, delicious one! These signature treats are sure to beat your expectations.

Easter Cake

Sweet Charity

Cookie Tray supports charities that are near and dear to our hearts in a variety of ways, especially Let'  Whether it's donating cupcakes or cookies for a fundraiser or spearheading a fundraiser for Let's Cure Cancer Forever, a breast cancer foundation in the Hudson Valley, we want to make someone's life sweeter whenever we can. 

Recipes  for Success

"Sometimes, online owners can be a little bit stuck up and aren't willing to customize your order if it isn't what is listed on their site. However, Cookie Tray is the opposite.  They are warm, friendly, and flexible.

They customized my order and even allowed me to pick up my cupcake jars locally to help me save on shipping.

Not only did they taste amazing, but they were adorable and my bridesmaids loved them. I highly recommend the red velvet and chocolate peanut butter (my bridesmaids let me try them).



Vintage Cookbook

Need something


Meet the

Cookie Crew

Our team at Cookie Tray may come from different backgrounds, but our passion for baking has united us. We come together to produce the very best baked goods in the Hudson Valley. We share a passion for baking and it shows in everything we do. 


Jean is a self taught bakery. Her favorite cookies to bake are ones that have been past down from her mom.


Kristin likes to take a classic treat and put a modern spin on it.  Her favorite dessert are stuffed cupcakes.

"I sent this to my daughter for her birthday! She LOVED it! She said everything tasted amazing! I mentioned to the company it was her birthday and requested a special message. They did an awesome job personalizing the cupcake jars and added my message to my daughter on a very cute card! Thank you so much!!!!"




"I had my doubts, but these cupcakes were PERFECT!  Omg. Tasted amazing. Was kept fresh and packed wonderfully so nothing broke! Very professional! I was using this as a taste test for my sisters birthday in November, and so far, this is the number 1 contender :) "




"Sent cookies to my coworkers for a job well done!  Thanks Cookie Tray.  They loved the chocolate chip cookies."



New York

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