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Sweet Sugar Cookies

This February 14th tell that certain one to you care about them with some sweet and special. Everyone knows that nothing says "I love you!" better that Cookie Tray's vanilla sugar cookies.  Cookies can be picked at out kitchen shipped.  Spread the love this Valentine's Day with a batch or two. 


Cookie Decorating Kits

Want to show off your cookie decorating skills, but don't want to hassle of making the dough? 


Each cookie decorating kit contains 

holiday cookies, 1 piping bag filled with buttercream frosting, and 2 bags of decorating items.

Cookie Card

There's nothing better than giving a Cookie Tray Cookie Card to the someone special this Valentine's Day. This sweet gift contains an individually wrapped sugar cookies on a sweet little card.  Slip a cookie card into a your sweetie lunch bag, give one to your favorite teacher or just show that special someone that you care about them this Valentine's day.  So don't wait!  Surprise someone with a Cookie Tray Cookie Card.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Keep Your Cookie Jar Filled

Keep your cookie jar filled. Join our Cookie of the Month club and receive a surprised dozen of cookies each month.  Whether it's a batch of our signature chocolate chip cookies stuffed with a Reese peanut butter cookie or an oatmeal raisin cookie, something delicious will arrive.

Linzer Cookies
Gourmet Cookies
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Classic Treats

Whether you need to satisfy a craving or feed a crowd, we’ve got you covered. Our delicious and freshly prepared products are sure to satisfy everyone. Check out what we have to offer below and place your order today!

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake

Our signature cupcakes

Looking for a special treat.  These chocolate raspberry cupcakes pair perfectly with a.glass or milk or a glass of champagne

Valentines day cake.jpeg

Our signature cake

Looking for a special cake for Valentine's Day?  Our signature vanilla cake with layers of strawberry filling and frosted with  strawberry buttercream.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place my order?

Please go to the Contact tab above to message us about what you would like to order.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

When should I place my order?

It is suggested that you place your order for sweet  treats approximately two weeks before your special occasion.  Please contact us if it is inside of two weeks. 

Do we sell gluten free treats?

We are not a gluten free bakery, but we do offer gluten free treats. Although we try our best to minimize cross contamination, we cannot guarantee it 100%.

Do we ship our sweet treats?

Yes, we ship within the continental United States.  Please contact us to get further details and costs.

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